How to get a Thailand Visa Extension

Thailand Visa Extension

Thailand Visa ExtensionIf you planning on staying Thailand for an extended period of time, the option not matter what Visa you entered the country on is to extend with a magical stamp from Thai Immigration.

It’s a pretty straight forward process but is still something that requires a few basic helpful tips.

I entered Thailand on a double entry tourist Visa, which gave me 120 days to explore the Kingdom. At the end of this, I could have either left the Kingdom to re-enter obtaining a new Visa (Visa run) or I could get an extension on my visa of 30 days.

Given the new 6 month multiple entry tourist visa is about to be released (November 2015), I opted to get an extension, and hopefully within that time I would be able to apply for the new Tourist Visa.

To get your extension, you need to turn up at Thai Immigration in your province (or the province you intend to spend the night on the day of your application) a few days before your Visa is about to expire. Now you will not lose any days off your Visa turning up early, they will give you 30 days from the date your Visa ends.

Bangkok Immigration mapWhat you will need to turn up with is obviously your passport, with your departure card, a passport size photo, photocopies of your passport page and visa page and 1900THB. If you are going to Immigration in Bangkok, you will enter the building and go to the doors on your right just past the toilet. At the counter you will be given a form to fill out, and if you have not got your photo and photocopies, you can go downstairs right to the end past the food court and there are plenty of places cheap to get it done.

Then on returning your filled in form to the counter, they will check it and send you through to the main room. You will then go to the next counter, and have your paperwork checked again, and given a number. Now the patience you have learned from living in Thailand comes in handy. You will wait for your number and be interviewed by an Immigration officer who will make sure everything is in order, then you wait again, to then pay your money.

Once you have paid the 1900THB you get another number and wait again to receive your passport back with the new stamp in it. Make sure you go early, because it closes between 12-1 for lunch, and everyone must leave. It took me approximately 2 hrs, not including the 1 hour lunch break.

Keep patient, be polite, and realise this is a process and it takes time. Being rude and agro will only cost you more time, and potentially cost your your extension.


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