Vintage Motorcycle Thailand 10th Anniversary Erawan


#vintagebikethailandI was recently offered the opportunity to attend Thailand’s Vintage Motorcycle’s 10th Anniversary Event at Erawan Falls by my good friend Phee Pop.

I was promised a ride with some classic bikes from Ban Pong out to Erawan Falls for Vintage Motorcycle Thailand and a good ‘party’.

Now what happened was far more than promised! I met up with P.Pop at his shop just outside of Ban Pong at about 1pm in the afternoon.

Many of his friends had already arrived, many on classic Yamaha SR400’s so with me riding the Kawasaki Versys I was well out of place but welcomed non the less.

#vintagebikethailand JeepThe ride out to Erawan Falls for the event took us about 2 hours. Along the way we saw hundreds of bikes making their way out there, this was definitely a positive indication of what was to come. There were collections of choppers, built from thumper engines, Harley Davidsons, in every guise from stockers to full on show stoppers.

Upon arrival at the front gates, I had to part with a whopping 200THB for my lanyard, show me a event with live music, beer, food, girls and 3000 bikes that you can go to in Australia for $8AUD and I will happily move back to Oz.

I was parked to one side waiting for Phee Pop and his mates to come thought the ticketing gate when I hear someone yelling ‘Jame Jame’. Yes Thai’s have an issue with the ‘s’ in my name, I turn to see 4 guys waving their arms frantically at me, it was some mates that live in the next Soi from me at home. They don’t speak any English and my Thai is still as bad as a toddler trying to climb a ladder, but was great to see some faces I knew.

Thailand Classic Bike Erawan FallsThe parking area was pretty full, organised in rows depending on make or vintage. I ended up slotting in at the end of the Jap section. From where I parked it looked like a massive turnout, I wasn’t prepared for what was in store.

We made our way up the main hill which was packed full of custom competition style 4×4’s and up onto the main field….. WOW!

It was equally packed full with classic bikes, old BMW’s, BSA’s, Harleys, Choppers, Bobbers, Enduro, you name it, it was there. About 30 classic American cars were sitting to the side, there was even an Impala lowrider with Hydo’s.

As the sunset over the grounds, music was pumping from a Thai band on the main stage, people were milling about everywhere, ice filled beers in hand, taking in the atmosphere.

Thailand Classic Bike Erawan FallsAfter the long ride, Phee Pop organised us a couple of cans then it was time to have a lie down on the grass and some much deserved Thai cuisine.

As a farang attending this type of event, everyone as per usual was overly friendly and full of smiles. You don’t get that in most countries.

Camping was available for those wishing to indulge heavily, we were planning on chilling out and checking out the displays for a few hours and leaving at 10pm for the 2 hour ride home.

I was pretty amazed by the different styles represented and the Thai’s take on customising their bikes. The Ratrod style was very much prevalent, especially the 60’s retro look.

Thailand Classic Bike Erawan FallsLoving my Jeep’s as much as I do, I was thrilled to spot a couple of classics, one done up in Thai military style, another a full resto on a waggy.

I had the opportunity to meet some great people, including the guys from FuckStock Clothing in Chonburi who were more than happy to hang out with someone from Australia considering they had recently made some sales in Oz.

There were so many bikes I would have loved to had the opportunity to jump in the saddle of and ride away into the night on.

Thailand Classic Bike Erawan FallsFor an event that has been running for 10 years, full marks go to the organisers for putting on such an explosive show, no pun intened at the fireworks.

I will definitely be coming again next year and making sure I pack a tent so I can stay the night and really get into the atmosphere more.

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