The Samoeng Loop Northern Thailand

Samoeng Loop Chiang Mai

Samoeng Loop Chiang MaiThe exciting Samoeng Loop is in Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. It is approximately 100 km round trip that starts and ends in the old city Chiang Mai.

It’s winding road into the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai is extremely popular with both bicyclists and motorcyclists, with it stunning views, tight turns and great temperature.

It is named for the town of Samoeng, situated 5 km off the circuit proper.

Samoeng Loop Chiang MaiFor the first time riding the loop, it’s suggested to make the ride clockwise, and to take it easy. Some of the road can be rough, meaning that expecting to ride it fast can end in your peril.

Your GPS will work fine on the whole loop, but be aware that there are plenty of roads and offroad trails to be had, and some of these will show you the best of the countryside but can also put you outside of mobile signals so getting lost can happen.

Samoeng Loop Chiang MaiYou can extend the loop even further if you ride into Sameong and take a right at the T junction on Route 1095. This will double the length of the ride and take you through more rural setting. Expect to be riding on more narrow concrete roads but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of rice farms.

This road will have some detours available which can see you on the dirt if you wish, but be wary if it has been raining as it can get extremely slippery.

If you are wanting somewhere unique to stay, I recommend Relive Resort on Route 1095. It is pretty cheap at 600THB and you get to sleep in a bamboo hut for the night.

Clockwise: To start the loop, from near the southwest corner of the moat, get on Route 108 heading past the airport. Less than 10 km down the road you will see a Big C on the left and a large intersection just beyond it.

Turn right to Samoeng at this intersection. The direction is well-marked. Take the right and you’re on Route 1269, the well-paved two-lane road that takes you into the hills.

Counter-clockwise: Head north on the road to Mae Rim, Route 107, tricky as traffic can be heavy. The turn off is 16 km from the north side of the moat. The left turn is about ten minutes past Mae Rim town; you can’t miss it as it is well sign-posted. (Try to get hold of the excellent Mae Sa Valley map.

It not only maps the loop but all the more adventurous roads forking out of the loop.) Once you’ve made the turn the petrol gets more expensive, so fill up while on Route 107. Gas stations are plentiful.

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