Harley Drag party 3 Thailand

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 255

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 2This years Harley Drag Party 3 was held at and hosted by Thailand Circuit, in Ban Luang District not far from Nakon Pathom.

In it’s 3rd year, this annual event caters primarily to the Harley brand with a mix of others thrown in for fun. The day saw soaring temps, which left everyone dripping in sweat under the Thai sun, but that didn’t stop any of the high paced action.

The SR400 club ran a series on the 1/8th mile drag strip, with my personal friends engine build winning with a 7.58sec pass. This was an exciting acheivement for him showing he is definately a high class engine builder spreading the Pop Shop name wider.

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 2Watching these Thai guys race down the 1/8th mile, there have shear guts and determination, with a never say die attitude to their racing. No bells and whistles with high end gear here, just pure bike racing at it’s finest.

Walking around the pits, there was eye candy everywhere you looked, from the stunning young Thai promo girls, to the outlandish custom Harleys, Buells and vintage bikes.

Trade stalls lined the road ourside the pits, with major manufacturers having their gear on display as well as some of the smaller businesses showing off what they had to sell. The promo girls made checking out these stands all the more worthwhile.

The off track racing on the dirt saw classic bikes shod with off road tyres, jostling and drifting through the dusty corners in a display that was full of guts and also with an element of comedy.

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 4In true Thai fashion, there were custom bikes that were nothing more than pure function, fashioned together with old scraps to give a final display of ingenuity and class.

To fill out the overall vintage feel of the event, a bluegrass inspired rockabilly band took centre stage after lunch and belted out some groovy tunes in English.

If your floating around Thailand and you see this event promoted, you could do a lot worse with your day than head out and check out some amazing racing and true custom machines.

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 2

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