Healthy Living at Hin Dad Hot Springs Kanchanaburi

Healthy Living at Hin Dad Hot Springs Kanchanaburi

Healthy Living at Hin Dad Hot Springs KanchanaburiStopping by Hin Dad Hot Springs Kanchanaburi is a great option if you are in the vicinity of either Hellfire Pass or Sai Yok Waterfall in Kanchanburi Thailand.

The Hindad Hot Spring in Kanchanaburi is set alongside a tree shaded, cool trickeling river. Constructed to contain plentiful quantities of hot water during the World War 2 occupation by Japanese forces, Hindad’s three geothermal pools are deep and large enough for swimming and chilling.

One might think that with the climate as it is in Thailand, that submersing yourself in a hot pool doesn’t really sound very appealing, but I must say my attitude was changed also after the experience.

The experience opened my eyes and pores to a world of good-feeling benefits.

Healthy Living at Hin Dad Hot Springs KanchanaburiOne of the hot spring pools is warm, while the other one is quite hot, I suggest starting off in the hottest and climbing over the small dividing wall into the cooler one second.

Soaking in hot springs increases your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals.

The pool area has a cool shallow stream of a natural river running just a few feet away from the man made pools, and a quick dunking from the hot to the cold water completely relaxes every muscle in your body.

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Thai massage is also available on site for a minimal fee.

There is remanants of the original air raid shelter built by the Japanese, which is worth a look for the historical value.

Healthy Living at Hin Dad Hot Springs KanchanaburiThe entrance fee is higher for foreigners but in saying that it isn’t that expensive at only 60thb. Showers, changing rooms, and toilets are close by as will as local food vendors are just outside the baths.

The Hin Dad Hot Springs are accessible via the Sangkhlaburi–Kanchanaburi bus on Hwy 323 (105km marker) and are 300m from the main road.

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