Puthamonthom Park Nakon Pathom

Puthamonthom Park Nakon Pathom

Puthamonthom Park Nakon PathomPhutthamonthon park is over 50 years old and is spread over 2500 Rai. It has one of the tallest standing Buddha statue.  Another marble stone building just few meters away is the big marble viharn that has the entire Buddhist canon engraved in 1418 marble steles.

Having a spare day and finding out my mate John from Suphan Buri was heading off to Phutthamonthon to have some new side panniers installed on his Kawasaki Versys, I invited myself along on my Ducati Hyperstrada with the suggestions that we pop into Phutthamonthon Park after he was finished.

The Buddhist park is located just out of Nakhon Pathom Province, west of Bangkok.

This Buddhist park is set among beautifully manicured gardens,which during the wet season feature manicured lawns and tree sculptures of elephants and other assorted animals.

The main center piece of the four square kilometer park is a huge bronze statue of Buddha standing 15 mtrs high dominating the park at the center.

Puthamonthom Park Nakon PathomThe park was opened in 1957, with the center statue proudly boasting as being one of the tallest free-standing Buddhas in the world, the statue is surrounded by sites memorializing the four main events in the life of Buddha: his birth, enlightenment, first sermon, and death.

Another important structure is the sermon hall (‘viharn’), which contains the entire Buddhist canon engraved in marble.

Phutthamonthon offering plenty of lawned areas to chill out with the kids with expansive tree-lined biking and walking trails, canals and ponds teeming with fish, and many shady spots.

Don’t miss out on seeing the giant lotus flower on display, with a tree in the centre imported from India.

There are peddle bikes for hire and straw mats for naps. There is plenty of parking if you drive there.

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