How to get a Non-O Marriage Visa for Thailand

Thai MArriage Visa

Thai MArriage Visa

I am married to a Thai national, have been for some time. I am also too young for the Non-O based on Retirement, so being married allows for an extended time in the Kingdom to annoy my loving wife.

Applying for a commonly named marriage visa, which in reality is a Non-Immigrant O based on the condition of marriage can be a headache. There are two real options available. The simplest explanation is that with both options you obtain the visa from a Thai Embassy outside of Thailand, then come back into the Kingdom. Option one gets you a three month visa, and then you apply to have permission to stay extended for 12 months. There are many requirements for this, outlined in the video.

Option two, is a visa that is a multi entry, valid for 12 months, less conditions but the downside to it is you only get stamped into the Kingdom for 90 days at a time.

Be aware! Check current information regarding obtaining a visa, check the Thai Immigration website AND also check the Thai Embassy website for the country you are applying in.

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