Applying for a SETV or METV Tourist Visa for Thailand

Tourist Visa Thailand

Tourist Visa Thailand
Obtaining a SETV or Single Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand is a great way to obtain 90 days in the Kingdom. How? When you arrive in Thailand on a SETV, you will be stamped into the Kingdom for 60 days. Towards the end of this validity, you will mark yourself off to the local immigration office in your province and apply for an extension of stay. This will gain you an extra 30 days, all up netting you 90 days in the Kingdom.

A METV or Multi Entry Tourist Visa is a little different, but with the right actions at the right times, you can net yourself 9 months on this visa, watch the video to find out how to use the METV Tourist Visa.

This is all based of having lived in Thailand for many years, having personally been on various types of visa’s, as well as feedback from experiences from friends who have visited the Land of Smiles.

Be aware! Check current information regarding obtaining a visa, check the Thai Immigration website AND also check the Thai Embassy website for the country you are applying in.

How to for a SETV Single Entry Tourist Visa or a MTEV Multi Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand